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Welcome to Lancashire Industrial Forklift Training (Lift).

Lancashire Industrial Forklift Training (Lift) offers comprehensive Fork Lift Truck operator training to all UK companies.

Professional and cost effective Lift provides support for every type and size of business. We also organise refresher forklift truck training and keep you up to date with legal requirements.

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I wouldn`t have a clue how to operate a forklift truck if I was asked to move one. I might be able to get the thing started and work out how to shift it backwards and forwards but as for operating the lifting forks I would be at a total loss. Most people would feel the same and they`d have to receive forklift training before they could operate the machinery in safety. Companies in the UK have to ensure that their workers have received forklift training uk before they can operate a range of forklift trucks. Counterbalance and pallet, reach and stacker trucks all need to be trained upon separately. It`s a good job that industrial forklift training uk can be found through accredited forklift training companies. Their experienced trainers have acquired a wealth of experience on all types of machinery. Business can book their existing operators on refresher courses to brush up on their skills. Alternatively they can enroll new starters on 5 day novice courses and at the end of the courses they will emerge with either company or R.T.I.T.B candidate certification. Like me, the vast majority of people wouldn`t be able to operate a forklift truck unless they had received forklift training uk.


forklift truck operator training


Can you imagine being told to operate a forklift truck without receiving any formal training? Not only would this be stupid, it could be potentially dangerous and there could be a real risk of serious injury as well. Companies should provide their forklift truck operators with the right type of training for the trucks that are going to be used. There are various types of forklift trucks in use around the country at the moment and these can include, reach, counterbalance, pallet trucks or stackers. Individuals can receive forklift truck operator training so they can operate their trucks in safety whilst at work. Comprehensive training courses are run throughout the country by vastly experienced trainers. One firm based in the North West of England provides dedicated forklift truck operator training which can be tailored to the customer`s needs. You might be planning to start new pallet truck operators or need additional counterbalance operators to add to your existing ranks. Ensure any novice starters receive the right level of forklift truck operator training and they`ll be able to operate their machinery in complete safety in the future. You`d be mad to operate a forklift truck without receiving the right level of training that was suitable for it in the first place.


forklift truck training


Companies that use forklift trucks on their premises must ensure that operators of the trucks have received the right level of training for the machinery. You can imagine what damage could be done if an operator was placed in charge of forklift truck and they hadn`t received the correct level of training on how to operate it. The risk of injury would be extremely high and people have been known to be crushed by forklift trucks in the past. That`s why it`s essential that forklift truck training is conducted for whatever type of truck is going to be used. Accredited training courses can provide operators with all the skills they will need to operate their forklift trucks in safety. The forklift truck training is provided by independent training companies who can tailor courses to specific customer needs. In charge of each one of the courses are vastly experienced trainers who have worked with a host of machinery over the years. They can provide the perfect learning environment thus enabling operators to succeed. If you have staff that needs to be trained on counterbalance or reach, pallet trucks or stackers, they can certainly benefit by taking part in the forklift truck training.